Products and Services by RSR Industrial Services

Steel & Concrete Coatings

RSR Industrial Services provides products and services for corrosion prevention. In many industries, problems with corrosion can pose a serious safety risk to products and employees. RSR understands that corrosion prevention is a concern for many industries, which is why RSR Industrial Services uses several coating manufacturers who provide high-quality products that can be used in a wide range of corrosion prevention applications. Corrosion prevention is most commonly used in containment, transportation, mining, and power generation industries.

At RSR our skilled blasters understand the importance of properly preparing metal or concrete, with the right surface preparation, prior to any coating application. Additionally, all our work is completely spark tested for holidays before leaving our shop. With top-of-the-line equipment and facilities, RSR is able to handle most any job. The experienced team at RSR is composed of prep guys, sandblasters and various applicators with many years of experience in the business.

Pump Division

RSR Industrial Services provides chemical and abrasion resistant coatings to a variety of businesses in many different industries. RSR has experience in coating a variety of substrates such as; pipes, containment areas, holding tanks, industrial, sewer systems, chemical processing buildings, and much more.

RSR has many products available that can create the perfect solution for your industrial needs. RSR takes pride in giving their customers the best service and quality available for a durable and reliable chemical and abrasion resistant coating.
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